Wheelchair Challenge

Build & give an invaluable gift to those with mobility needs

2 - 2.5 hours
20 - Unlimited


This corporate social responsibility program is an impactful event. Teams receive some parts, materials and guidelines necessary to assemble new wheelchairs. They use their teamwork, planning and communication skills to start the building process, however, they do not have all the materials that they need. In order to obtain the other parts, they need to complete various mobility mini-challenges. Once the teams have built their wheelchairs, they proceed to the safety and quality control station for a mechanical inspection. If the space allows, they then learn how to manoeuvre a wheelchair in a simulated experience to get an understanding of what it is like to go through on a daily basis. Teams then decorate the wheelchair to their liking, write a message on a gift card and add their photo so the recipient will see who built their wheelchair. A representative from the chosen charity then arrives at the venue, shares information about their organisation and the impact your donation will have on the recipients. The donation is then made directly to the charity at the end of the event as a meaningful finale.

Learning Outcomes

Teams compete in challenges designed to limit them in a physical manner as they remove senses that we take for granted every day. Skills, talents and resources are brought to the forefront and the teams are rewarded with points as they go through the challenges.

When the wheelchairs are completed, the participants go through a mobility course to not only test their abilities, but to give them a simulated experience of what wheelchair-bound people go through on a daily basis. They’ll experience firsthand the frustrations of not walking and the successes of learning to manoeuvre the chair.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

Team Building Asia partners with wheelchair charities, senior centres to ensure that your wheelchairs help the people that need them most. Completed wheelchairs are donated to a chosen charity/hospital bringing joy to the recipients and satisfaction to the creators.

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