Helping Hands

Give a helping hand to land mine victims

30 minutes - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - 1000


In Helping Hands teams construct a prosthetic mechanical hand that will then be given to a person in need. Helping Hands is a unique and powerful Corporate Social Responsibility activity that gives your team the chance to give a helping hand to land mine victims around the World. Each participant sets about putting together the prosthetic hand with their team, faced with the restriction of only being able to use one hand The completed model, after being brought to life, will be sent to those most in need. There are over 300,000 landmine related amputees globally and 20% are those are children without hands. The completed LN-4 hands are distributed, at no cost to the recipients, bringing back a better quality of life.

Learning Outcomes

The Helping Hands programme gives every participant a new perspective on challenges they face in work and in life and a new attitude to handle them. It is about perspective, inspiration, collaboration, and giving back.

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