Team building activity at AIESEC global village

Published on 17 Aug 2013 by Stuart Harris

Being a sponsor of the AIESEC Global Village this year, our co-founder, David Simpson, spoke to the young crowd at HKU about social responsibility and the importance of upholding CSR principles as young leaders.Global Village is an annual event organized by the student organization AIESEC. Dedicated to showing the cultural diversity, this event gives the student the chance to present other people their country or region and also get in touch with different cultures.

Participants spoke of how they found it A transformational experience to be immersed in the rich cultures of various countries. Realising not just cultural diversity but societal diversity. Team Building Asia facilitated a program called Helping Hands. Team work together to create real prosthesis to be given to those in need. Participants spoke of the enormous value of learning to work together to achieve something great together - a metaphor for life!

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