VR – Whodunit?

Multi-player VR Team Experience

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


The scene is The Grange, a famous elegant hotel from yesteryear. A place of sojourn for the rich and famous. A murder has taken place. Your team are detectives. Can you discover where the murder took place? How were they killed? The motive and ultimately who was the killer? In this competitive race against the clock all team members take it in turns to enter the virtual world and communicate what they see. Team members in the real world must use the virtual clues and align them with the clues in the real world using team work and clever creative thinking to solve the mystery first ahead of the other teams.

Learning Outcomes

CSI Whodunnit? is a multi-player virtual reality game that requires team work and active communication for success. As each participant takes a turn in the virtual world, they must be observant and relay the relevant information clearly. For those in the real-world active listening and asking the right questions based on the information available will lead to success. Faced with a mass of data, participants must focus on the questions at hand and develop the ability to identify what is relevant. Over the course of the game, process improvement is attained as team members learn to collaborate effectively using deductive reasoning to come to a conclusion which is driven by both logic and consensus. Competition against other teams, fuels team spirit and encourages all participants to be fully engaged and strive for excellence for the good of the team.

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