Onboarding New Talent & Teams

Onboarding New Talents and Teams with Engaging & Impactful Experiences

Human capital is the most valuable resource for any company. To keep your human capital engaged and effective, onboarding new team members (whether they are recent graduates, interns, or any other talent) is a crucial process to kickstart their integration into your company's culture and values. By engaging them from the outset with your brand, mission, and vision, you set the foundation for productivity, engagement, and greater job satisfaction.

Gamified learning and employee engagement activities are proven to engage participants and increase memorable positive outcomes. With Team Building Asia’s approach, onboarding new members of staff finds even greater meaning in being part of something bigger. Staff induction becomes an integral tool for you to ensure team cohesion for accelerated organisational success.


  • Rapid Engagement for New Staff
  • Increased Teamwork & Productivity
  • Accelerated Company Success

Choose the best team building program to onboard your new talents

Experiential learning or team building activities are helpful in achieving the aforementioned outcomes by incorporating fun and meaningful activities that ensure participants learn through doing. This process allows individuals to be more committed towards the work they do and the company they work for since they are involved in something they believe in.

Rat Trap is a thrilling activity where teams collaborate to build and connect big machines, which result in a chain reaction, with the aim of trapping a rat. It promotes problem-solving, team collaboration, and trust-building within a fun and interactive setting.

Another program that helps develop agile thinking and collaboration is Animate, a creative team building experience where teams create a digital stop motion animation sequence. Through this activity, participants cultivate values assimilation while having a blast exploring the world of animation.

Leadership Stories is a highly thought-provoking game that challenges participants to overcome business challenges and make sound decisions as leaders. This activity focuses on developing future leaders, resolving team conflicts, and embracing diversity and inclusion, providing a platform for participants to enhance their leadership skills.

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