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Building a dream Showcase Macau

Published on 6 Oct 2016 by Stuart Harris

Recently showcased in Macau, we now have a rather special team building activity, guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings of your team members. Participants are given some plans, some tools and a series of bicycle parts from which to construct a collection of children’s BMX bicycles. Known as Building a Dream, this highly interactive challenge has team members working together to assemble the various component parts into a fully functioning bicycle, which is then checked by our qualified technicians.

Participants believe they are constructing the bikes for a slow motion race in which the last person across the line wins and then the bicycles are judged for their functionality and appearance. After the race the participants are greatly surprised to discover that the judges are in fact a group of children from the local community who are deserving of some community support.

Indeed it is these young judges who will be the recipients of these beautifully made gifts and an excellent CSR teambuilding event is secured with a real sense of purpose and task satisfaction felt by all participants.

Stuart Harris

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