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A good time to give

Published on 22 Nov 2011 by Stuart Harris

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no doubt one of the hottest topics of our generation, and for good reason too. Good CSR initiatives aim to sustain not only our planet earth but it could also be implemented to keep your business model sustainable for years to come. CSR is not just about the doing, it is also about thinking behind the action. It is about training your staff to have foresight and long-term view for the success of our planet as well as the company.

The holiday season is obviously a perfect time to host CSR programs as a company event. But really, any season is a good time to give because there’s never too much goodness to go around. And setting up an event with a CSR focus will send a loud and clear message to your staff that your company values the people and its surrounding environment.

So who could benefit from a CSR event? The answer is, any responsible organisation that wants to take the opportunity to give back to the community. However the most striking benefit is the high level of engagement your employees will have with a CSR teambuilding event.

Next time when you are planning a corporate event, you can have your team complete Building A Dream, a bike building CSR teambuilding for your selected charity. These bicycles are then donated to a local charity. The most popular target charity is under-privileged children and we have contacts with many local groups throughout Asia.

As for us at Team Building Asia, our most recent CSR effort has been sponsoring Douglas MacLagan, the founder of Child Welfare Scheme Hong Kong, for his four day marathon in Nepal as part of the Racing the Planet race series. We have also delivered pro-bono team building programs for CWSHK in the past and we will continue to support this meaningful organization whenever possible. All funds raised will help the organisation with their ongoing projects to help the children of Nepal.

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