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6 festive indoor teambuilding activities

Published on 1 Dec 2015 by David Simpson

As Christmas approaches the weather gets a little colder (for our Shanghai and Hong Kong counterparts, Singapore, you’re always toasty!). The wind picks up and the sun slides away and venturing outdoors to partake in a team building event feels less like a treat and more like a chore. Never fear, we have a fantastic list of indoor activities guaranteed to be lots of fun as well and challenging for your team.

1. Explore the indoor rapids in river runner

river runner team building activity

Take all the fun of white water rafting indoors with the added difficulty of being apart of a business simulation. You work at a rafting company on a commercial expedition down one of the world’s biggest and most dangerous rivers! You want to win the race while simultaneously making sure that you are satisfying your client demands, meeting safety requirements and showing a profit. River runner is an excellent business simulation because it requires teamwork, communication, flexibility and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

2. Try team building through lipreading in screen test

screen test team building activity

Do you love a bad lip reading? Ever wanted to try it for yourself? How about the added difficulty of scripting your dialogue around a company issue? Screen test is tricky, no doubt, but also loads of fun! It’s a great opportunity to explore a company issue in an informal way that opens up a comfortable dialogue within your team.

3. Get to know your team in knowing me knowing you

knowing me knowing you team building activity

A highly connected workforce is an asset to your company. So take some time to get to know everyone in your team by making it a game. Knowing Me Knowing You is an indoor icebreaker, a great activity for new teams or teams that have just undergone a lot of change. Each person writes down some personal and professional details on a game card, they then travel around the room trying to find other people with commonalities. Good communication is everything! This activity is guaranteed to improve the communication channels in your company and will make for a much friendly workplace!

4. Give back while having fun in hole in one

hole in one csr team building activity

Donate some non-perishable food to your local food bank, but first make an indoor mini-golf course out of it! Hole in One requires each participant to bring in 5-10 items from a predetermined ‘wish list’ of non-perishable food from whichever organization you are working with (in Hong Kong, you work with the exceptional Feeding Hong Kong food bank). They then create a challenging mini golf course out of the food! Who is the best charitable mini golfer in your team?

5. Test your palate in calling the shots

calling the shots team building activity

Are you a bit of wine snob? Know your Shiraz from your Pinot Noir, your Chardonnay from your Viognier? It’s time to test both your palate and your ego! Wine is one of the most complex drinks in the world, the seemingly simple act of fermenting grape juice produces 27 distinct acids, 23 varieties of alcohol, 16 sugars and a various vitamins and minerals. So take some time to learn the language of wine and sample some high-range and budget drops. Then teams take turns 'Calling the Shots' identifying country of origin, grape variety, vintage and the price of a selection of wines, all while blindfolded!

6. Flat out sleigh ride

flat out sleigh ride reindeer

A great Christmas themed activity, flat out sleigh ride sees teams construct a strong, working sleigh from cardboard! Your team then has to accessorize the sleigh with a mix of corporate and Christmas colours all in preparation for the big relay race. Team members race against other groups dressed up as Santa and his reindeer. At each end of your indoor circuit, Santa and the reindeers swap to new members of the team. But they can only get on the sleigh when they are in full costume! If you want to know more about our best Christmas activity then look at our Five Fab Facts about Flat Out Sleigh Ride.

The great indoors

Indoor activities are full proof. There is no need to post-pone, make back up plans or stress about them. They are blessedly easy in a very busy and stressful time of the year but still just as much fun and just as important to the growth and bonding of your team. If you want to see more of our indoor activities contact us and we can direct you towards the perfect indoor activity.

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