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5 creative ways to integrate CSR into your organisation

Published on 25 Aug 2021 by David Simpson

Looking for innovative ideas to incorporate CSR into your organisation?

When integrating CSR into an organisation, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s recommended to align the cause(s) with the organisational values (2). Secondly, it’s a great idea to support a local cause (3). Thirdly, listen to your staff and customers and invest in something that they find important (4). Lastly, a yearly powerful, direct impact can really motivate your team (5).

That’s easier said than done. To better identify what you and your team should focus on in terms of CSR, we recommend you start off with a team building activity that integrates with corporate social responsibility.

Here are the 5 best CSR-driven team building activities to integrate corporate social responsibility into your organisation:

  1. A combination of all the above-mentioned recommendations:
  2. IMPACT Online focuses on the 17 sustainable development goals - which means that it covers many types of good causes: from planting trees and cleaning the ocean to eliminating poverty, hunger and gender gaps. You can therefore also easily find a way to align it to your organisational values.

    The best part? The impacts are made all over the world and it’s flexible in terms of location. E.g. for one of our clients, we chose to donate meals to Impact HK all using the same platform, which is integrated into this charitable team building activity.

  3. Organisational values:
  4. Go Give is similar to IMPACT, however, it’s not tied to the 17 SDGs. It gives you the ultimate flexibility in choosing which charity/ies or causes you want to donate to. It also lets your teams have a fun run around the city while they compete with each other to complete the most challenges to donate as much as they can.

  5. A local cause:
  6. Most countries in the world have a local cause related to food donations. With Hole in One, teams design and build a challenging mini golf course using canned and dry foods. After the event, the food will be donated to a local charity. In Hong Kong, we usually donate to Impact HK.

  7. What your staff and clients find important
  8. Raise money for a charity of your staff’s or client’s choice. Horses for Causes allows teams to strongly relate to a charity of their choice - as they will be auctioning off the cardboard rocking horse that they made with their own hands. This also allows for a great event souvenir to place at your office.

  9. Direct and powerful impact:
  10. A CSR team building activity worth mentioning is Helping Hands. The output of Helping Hands is directly sent off to people in need of a prosthetic mechanical hand. This is a unique and powerful activity as teams get immersed into life with only one hand. It brings teams together as they learn how much they need each other when having this restriction. They also learn about the charity and who exactly they will impact.

These 5 CSR activities will certainly start you off right when trying to integrate CSR into your organisation. Organising such a team building event also assures your teams that you are committed to the cause.

Here’s to responsible organisations,

David Simpson

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