3 Tips to Reignite Morale Within Your Team

Published on 13 May 2020 by Simien Lin

In our previous videos, we talked about how to manage a remote team and how to be productive while working from home. Today, Simien Lin, our General Manager in China, will be giving some tips on how to reignite morale within your team.

Our office in China is at the forefront of this virus situation. We are seeing a bit of improvement as some companies are reopening their offices and employees are starting to work from the office. Our team in China is doing the same, some of our employees have returned to the office to work and these are some actual things we are practicing within our office to increase that positive morale.

1. Safety - Create a Safe Environment

In order for us to create positive morale in the office, we thought it was very important to start with safety and to create a safe environment for employees to come back to work. We bought hand sanitisers, both small and large, and we've placed them around the office. The small one, we've placed on employees' desks. The big one we've placed in common areas such as the coffee station and the conference room. We also bought a lot of tissues and put them around the room so people have instant access to them if they feel like they need to sneeze or cough. Finally, we've bought alcohol wipes, which I thought is really useful. This is great for wiping down your hands if you cannot access your hand sanitisers and it's also great for wiping down tables and other surfaces so people feel like their entering or sitting down at a very clean and virus-free space.

2. Positivity - Your Attitude is contagious

Yes, the coronavirus is contagious but at the same time our attitude can also be very contagious. So after a time of difficulty, when people are starting to return back to work, it's vital for us to have positivity in the office. How do we do this at Team Building Asia? Well, typically, we have a morning meeting that we call a daily huddle, where everyone goes around and shares what they hope to accomplish throughout the day. We've added in an additional sharing during this time and we called it grateful - what are you grateful for? It's really good to just hone in on the little things in life that are positive. When we started doing this, we saw it really boosted our morale. Also, we could speak encouragement to one another, through random acts of kindness. This really brings a positive feeling towards the office and brings the team together during hard times such as this.

3. Master the Elbow Bump - Get Creative

This last tip is for those who like to great with a handshake, hug or kiss. During this time, I don't think too many people would feel comfortable if I gave them a hug. So, I mastered the elbow bump. There's the inside bump, there's the outside bump and then there's the up and down bump. But you know what, be creative, have fun and just go with whatever you think will bring a smile to your face and to the face of your team mates.

We wish you and your team good health.

Simien Lin

General Manager in China at Team Building Asia

Simien is an agile, energetic and easygoing person. He has led multiple training workshops and team building events throughout China for various clients.

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