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5 ways tech can help your employees thrive

Published on 14 Jul 2022 by Stuart Harris

Talents are the most important part of an organisation as they help to achieve organisational goals effectively. Unlike software – which can be updated from time to time – employees need care, communication, and encouragement to keep them up with high productivity.

Nowadays, however, people are more easily distracted by all the incentives in their environment.

To keep them engaged, we have identified 5 ways you can leverage tech to boost your staff’s productivity.

Here are 5 ways to boost your employees’ productivity using tech:

1. Find out your employees’ personality type

There are plenty of online questionnaires and apps that can analyse how people perceive the world and make decisions. Some people are traditional and inflexible; while some enjoy new things and are easy-going. Design different working plans, such as straight working hours or flexible shifts, according to their personality types, will boost their productivity.

2. Encourage communication between managers and employees

Many supervisors have difficulties understanding their teams because of the difference in job positions. Working as a team, it is important to build a good relationship between team members and their managers. Not only using instant messaging apps as a communication tool, but organisations can also schedule a time to hold team building activities, like online Pictionary, to encourage managers and employees to chat and exchange ideas.

3. Participate in volunteering and charity work

Volunteering can improve the communication and interpersonal skills of employees. In this technology-driven world, volunteering opportunities are not limited to in-person form anymore. NGOs have launched apps that any volunteer could help using the app doing translation, teaching and tutoring etc.

4. Build on employees’ strengths

An effective way to help employees thrive is to acquire knowledge and develop their skills. There are some free e-learning platforms and apps that allow people to join the courses of what they want or need to learn. This will help them develop their professional profiles and will generate appreciation for the organisation they work for.

5. Nurture a positive attitude among employees

People tend to be less productive when they are in a bad mood. Ensuring a positive attitude helps employees to enhance their productivity. There are several apps made to maintain people’s positive mindset by reflecting on what they are grateful for and how they can learn from mistakes.

Here’s to organisations that leverage tech to boost business success!

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