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Published on 22 Mar 2016 by Stuart Harris

Hong Kong is always abuzz with activities, which is why we’ve added a few more! Whether it’s antiques, archaeology, trivia, mountain climbing, code cracking, obstacle course making or life changing board games we’ve got it all for you. So check out some of the best new team building games in HK.

1. Get competitive and silly in push it!

Push It! is an invigorating conference energizer and probably the most fun you can have with an iPad at work! The game transforms your conference table into a team of performers, fighters and brains in order to win the game. Each table is given 2 iPads that are synced to encourage interaction. The best part of Push It! is the energetic quizmaster/MC who ensures that everyone feels comfortable and included. His master iPad controls the other tablets so he can determine the speed and energy of the game.

Push It! is as immersive as it is addictive. It is very flexible allowing you to personalize the challenges to your event and objectives, making it either a fun energizing activity or a great way of reinforcing product knowledge and brand awareness. By the end of the game your team will be acting like old friends, sweeping away those inevitable conference jitters. Encourage fun and choose Push It for your next conference.

2. Beat the box: can you crack the code?

Beat the Box is not just about cracking the combination to unlock your aluminum box, it’s also about finding the electronic combination to crack the code inside of your box! Yes, beat the box involves a lot of code cracking, it also involves a lot of strategic communication, cross functional cooperation, leadership skills and delegation skills in order to crack all of the codes before the timer runs out. The best part about Beat the Box, is that like all great tasks, it cannot be completed without clever teamwork. Beat the Box is fun, fast-paced and energizing. Get your team's hearts pumping with Beat the Box for your next team building game.

3. Feel the energy in chain reaction table top

Explore the full range of your creativity and ingenuity in our brand new Chain Reaction table top game. You will be amazed what you can create from quotidian objects such as water bottles, plywood and miniature cars. Teams are supplied with detailed game cards which provide them with the mechanics of each obstacle construction.

At first groups tend to not believe that it is possible, particularly with the materials they have on offer. The best teams get on with the task despite how overwhelmed they may feel by it. They read the cards, assess the available resources and make rough plans before beginning construction. They communicate effectively, efficiently and delegate according to each team members strengths. Once every team’s individual obstacles are complete it is up to the group as a whole to ingeniously combine them to keep the energy flowing through the chain reaction. It is really exciting seeing the whole room come to life, ending in a grand finale! Improve your teams problem solving and communication skills in Chain Reaction Table top.

4. Reach new heights in peak performance

Take your team to the summit of Mount Everest in an 18-day expedition (over the course of 2-3 hours). This business simulation is very complex and involves multiple variables that will require a keen eye, great teamwork and effective communication to navigate. Teams assess all the variables, make a ‘day’ action plan and put it in the game tablet with the objective of earning points for the practicality, creativity and effectiveness of their choices. At the end of the game the team with the most points wins.

Following the expedition, teams have a debrief to reflect on the decisions they made, the consequences of those decisions and how the trip to Mount Everest shares parallels with their working lives. Peak performance can reveal a lot about the processes and leadership abilities of participants. So why not get your team playing a Peak Performance business simulation? It is a great for identifying entrepreneurship, explore the excellence of the individuals and practice communication, negotiation, cooperation and networking skills.

5. Explore your inner Indiana Jones in the sands of time

A new competitive team building activity Sands of Time plays on all your Indiana Jones childhood fantasies. Become the archaeologist you always wanted to be, dust off dinosaur bones, guide blindfolded team members across the desert, coordinate a large team into working a mechanical hand in unison to steal some cave treasure and decode hieroglyphics in the bat cave. You may just uncover the clues that unravel the whole desert mystery! Get your team playing the Sands of Time for a bit of friendly competition and team bonding.

6. Get the HK antique experience in the curio show

The Curio Show is a unique icebreaker game that is as sophisticated, as it is silly. It is somewhere between ‘Antiques Roadshow’ and ‘Call My Bluff’ - and will have any group of people laughing, creating and bonding. We recommend playing the Curio Show as a part of your conference evening entertainment. It is wonderful to present all of the intriguing, strange and downright useless looking objects during pre-dinner drinks so your group has time to inspect, handle them to guess their function. By the end of the pre-dinner drinks your team will have agreed on what your prescribed object is.

After dinner, you will be given the real identity of your object – and this is where things get interesting! Now that you know the real use of your object you have to create two alternative descriptions for it and present it to the wider group. The group will then vote which description is most fitting, and you can revel in the inevitable gasps and groans that ensue once the real identity is revealed. Spice up a conference dinner with The Curio Show, a fantastic team building game for networking, creativity, developing conversational skills and strengthening the ties between new or existing teams.

7. Change your thinking with the fresh biz game

The Fresh Biz game is the most exciting of our new activities. The Fresh Biz game is a time-based board game, which is sweeping the globe rethinking entrepreneurship in the face of the New Shared Economy. Participants have claimed that the insights they gained while playing the game have changed their lives. Fresh Biz rethinks how we use money in a business. It demonstrates that creativity with money is far more important than the amount of money you have and is the first team building game to truly embrace the concept that access trumps ownership. We can't recommend The Fresh Biz game highly enough! It is energising, exciting, educational and deeply affecting. If you want your group to think outside the box then get them onto the Fresh Biz game.

Hop into Hong Kong activities

Whether it is a group icebreaker, a business simulation, a bit of light competition or a revolutionary experience that could change the way your business runs – we have it at Team Building Asia. So don’t hesitate. Get your Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore team participating in the best new activities for the best possible results.

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