Big Picture thinking for Clover Group

Published on 24 Jul 2017

Today we did a very extraordinary team building. An event that has been more, in many ways successful that in the past. We do this event on a bi-annual basis because of budget concerns. But I think we pulled together close to 200 people. So that we can give access to all the junior staff, or the potential - the staff of tomorrow. And let them all learn and benefit form this unique experience.

First of all we met all our objectives. We wanted to deliver a message of appreciation. And when you appreciate - how do you share. Its been done extremely well. The atmosphere has been superb. Its an awesome feeling that everyone was so enthusiastic. They were like teenagers trying to win a medal but working together.

We chose a picture - The Big Picture. A brilliant idea that was suggested to us by Team Building Asia. And it has been amazing. They asked 20 teams to each team to create 2 canvases, and when they all came together it became one amazing result a picture that you see behind my back. And as I was told it was one of the most difficult paintings to paint and we could only have a short time frame we had to communicate, share and support each other.

So I am very happy and proud of my team.

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