Virtual Team Building

Breaking Geographic Barriers for Effective Remote & Hybrid Teams

Globalisation has brought a rise in the global mobile workforce: even before the pandemic, it was estimated that remote workers would increase to 43% of the global workforce by 2023. Team effectiveness has the same principals, whether remote or working face-to-face, in fact remote teams have added challenges when it comes to effective communication, motivation, shared culture and connectedness. An effective team is guided by a capable leader who establishes the rules of play and the communication channels that foster positive team dynamics even when working from home.

Even when team members are working from home, team building activities can be useful to connect and have fun together, as well as build on vital soft skills that are important for remote teams to be effective.


  • Engaged Remote Teams
  • Foster Remote Collaboration
  • Strengthen Team Bonds

Choose the best virtual team building program for your team

Team engagement is one of the most important aspects of a well-functioning, productive and effective team. Fostering a sense of team spirit and bonding through a variety of virtual team building activities can boost every aspect of your business from employee happiness down to client servicing.

With years of experience facilitating remote team building activities across Asia, Team Building Asia has a wide range of programs for remote teams: Race Around the World offers a thrilling globe-trotting experience designed for remote teams, with three levels of engaging challenges, teams collaborate through video conferencing to guide their explorer avatars across the globe, honing their strategic thinking and communication skills.

Peak Performance is another virtual activity focused on communication in which participants are invited to lead their guides safely up and down Mount Everest. They test the communication skills, patience, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities of your team as a cohesive unit. Moreover, you may consider The Infinite Loop Online, which consists of challenges with brain-teasing puzzles and riddles, fostering problem-solving abilities and encouraging teamwork. All activities provide virtual, energising, and fun experiences for teams working remotely.

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