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Team Building Ideas for Christmas

Published on 6 Oct 2015 by David Simpson

Christmas is the best time of year to treat your team some team building fun. With Christmas parties and in office Kris Kringle games around the corner, the office already feels a little closer than usual. Take advantage of the bonding nature of Christmas and give your team a fantastic team building experience. Here are some of our best team building activities that make for great Christmas inspired games.

1. Work up a sweat with mission possible team building race

The weather is colder, the days are shorter and if you are anything like us – you might be eating a little more than the doctor ordered around this time of year. If you want to do something fun for your team that doesn’t involve gorging on more Turkey and Christmas Pudding then Mission Possible, an amazing race style competition is the activity for your team. Armed with an SMS card, binoculars and a compass, you will feel like the real deal in this fast-paced and fun team building activity. Of course, once you’ve raced around the city you will have burned off the calories for that Christmas dinner party… right?

2. Taste the festive flavours in whisky wisdom

Do you want to reward your team for all the hard work they’ve done this year? Well, give them some Whisky Wisdom, a fun team building game, where teams try and identify the correct aroma profiles of some of the most popular whisky brands in the world. Whisky tasting is a great way to end a long conference or day of team building events. Everyone is acquainted, comfortable and ready to nurse a nice glass of whisky (or two). It will help educate your team on what whisky to buy as presents for friends and family and is just a lovely way to wind down and bond with your team.

3. Make your favourite Christmas Hollywood movie in Hollywood challenge

Recreate your favourite Hollywood moments with your team in a special Christmas edition of the team building favourite Hollywood Challenge. Act out a scene from a favourite romcom like Love Actually, or the action-packed Die Hard, get a little creepy with The Nightmare Before Christmas or a bit naughty with Bad Santa - The options are endless! Thank god for Hollywood’s obsession with Christmas because your team get to enjoy all the fun of recreating these iconic scenes. Despite being a hoot, filmmaking can be quite technically tricky and always a huge team effort; remember communication is key! Why not combine Hollywood Challenge with your annual Christmas party dinner and have a screening of your works? We guarantee it will be hilarious.

4. Experience the gift of giving in toy factory

Christmas isn’t all about receiving presents; it’s about giving them too. Toy Factory is a beautiful team building activity that incorporates CSR elements. Teams handcraft wooden toys for a charitable organization of your companies choosing. These toys are then given to disadvantaged children, a truly touching activity that not only tests the communication, speed and skill of your team members but also gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside. After all isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Deck the halls with Christmas team building fun!

There you have it, 5 of our best Christmas team building ideas sure to make the whole office jolly! At Team Building Asia, we get pretty into our festive cheer and have plenty of other team building activities customizable to the season as well as your particular company needs. This time of year is pretty busy so make sure you get in quick, contact us and we’ll come up with some fantastic team building events for your team!

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