Team Building Event Categories

What type of activity are you looking for? At Team Building Asia, we offer a wide variety of team building ideas and workshops perfectly suited for the small business to corporate office team alike in Hong Kong.

Some team building activities feature a more hands-on approach, giving teams the opportunity to explore their creative side. Others focus more on simulating realistic business scenarios while still being at a ‘safe’ distance from anything real. A business training game or a quick conference energiser? Technology based? Active, creative or musical? Something that gives to charity? We can help you run them all here at Team Building Asia. The first step is deciding what occasion you want to have team building for. Browse our selection of event types and check out the possibilities!

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With a wide range of event categories, there's always something suitable for your team. Take our ‘Escape Room’ games for example. As one of the best creative ideas for a team building workshop. Escape rooms put your coordination and teamwork to the test in an enjoyable way - something that not many other team building ideas in Hong Kong or even across Asia can. The basic principle is simple: you solve puzzles using clues and other hints to get you and your team out of the room. Often you will be faced with puzzles that are practically impossible to do alone, and it’s only through team bonding, collaboration, and sharing ideas and knowledge that you can progress.

On the other hand, if you were looking for team building workshops in Hong Kong that will give your team a more specific experience, signing up for our ‘Business Games’ can really give valuable practise and experience for situations that simulate real life scenarios. Team building ideas like these foster teamwork and the ability to utilise individual skills as a part of a bigger, more cohesive unit, all of which will prove invaluable for a successful business.

Browse our selection of event types and check out the possibilities!

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Need help in deciding? Or just looking for something else? We are more than happy to work with your organisation to design and develop a course suited to your team.

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