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Better Business Performance with Motivated & Engaged Graduates

When introducing new graduate talents into your organisation, team building activities allow to assess skills, enabling to identify potential, nurture growth, and align talents with organisational goals.

Communication, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities can be observed and assessed, providing valuable insights for professional development. A feedback-driven culture encourages continuous learning and development within the organisation.

Team Building Asia’s team building programs will effectively help you identify individual strengths and weaknesses: by observing performance in various tasks, you may gain a better understanding of capabilities, allowing for suitable role assignments, aligned with their unique strengths.

Another valuable use of team building programs is to train and assess graduates is fostering collaboration and networking, allowing them to work together towards a common goal. Overall, focus on enhancing teamwork, trust-building, and effective communication skills, resulting in improved individual and team performance.

Choose the Best Programs to Train and Assess New Graduates

At Team Building Asia, we are aware of how getting the right kick-start in a new company can be crucial for the performances of both the individual and the team, so we offer you a series of programs to ensure a smooth and successful staff induction.

Our program FreshBiz is a game-based workshop that provides a complete introduction/refresh around teamwork, innovation, creativity, leadership, and more. Participants gain valuable insights and skills on generating opportunities and creating smarter partnerships.

A retro-inspired and stimulating program, Synergyk offers a unique experience with its AI bot-driven minigames. This program enhances teamwork capabilities through interactive electronic components, fostering creativity, collaboration, and agile thinking among participants.

For a truly immersive and challenging experience, our Peak Performance is the perfect choice: teams work together to guide an expedition to summit Mount Everest, making critical decisions, building trust, and improving team collaboration. This emotionally gripping program provides valuable leadership, problem-solving, and effective decision-making lessons.

Whether you want to develop agile thinking, foster teamwork, enhance leadership skills, or improve team collaboration, Team Building Asia's programs offer comprehensive and engaging solutions for training and assessing new graduates, Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you.

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