Onboarding New Talent & Teams

Onboarding New Talents and Teams with Engaging & Impactful Experiences

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Engaging new staff members, fresh graduates and interns in your company’s brand, mission, vision and values from the outset allows them to effectively integrate for faster productivity, engagement and satisfaction. It is also highly advisable to properly onboard newly composed teams with programs that integrate brand awareness and assimilation of company culture.

Gamified learning and employee engagement activities are proven to engage participants and increase memorable positive outcomes. With Team Building Asia’s approach, onboarding new members of staff finds even greater meaning in being part of something bigger. Staff induction becomes an integral tool for you to ensure team cohesion for accelerated organisational success.


  • Rapid Engagement for New Staff
  • Increased Teamwork & Productivity
  • Accelerated Company Success

Develop a successful workforce with the right onboarding and induction programme

Human capital is the most valuable resource for any company. To keep your human capital engaged and effective, it is important to properly onboard employees and team members in order to align and integrate individuals into the company’s brand, mission and vision, to create a sense of belongingness and to increase employee retention and engagement.

The first step to achieving these outcomes is to create a culture of team building through engaging activities such as experiential learning. Experiential learning or team building activities are helpful in achieving the aforementioned outcomes by incorporating fun and meaningful activities that ensure participants learn through doing. This process allows individuals to be more committed towards the work they do and the company they work for since they are involved in something they believe in.

Team Building Asia provides extensive learning and engagement programmes that create positive memories and lasting memories while reinforcing your brand and company values. The result is a repeated positive impact that creates ownership, engagement, trust and how the teams work together towards organisational goals. A great way for new employees to get to know each other is Colour Assessment, which is a condensed version of the MBTI personality Assessment Tool, that allows individuals to find common ground with others. Beat the Box is also an incredibly popular onboarding experience as it is a full-organisation collaborative engagement tool. The same goes for The Big Picture because all team members contribute to small pieces of one great picture, everyone is included as teams learn about the brand, values, mission and vision.

Our team-building experiences create a positive impact – both on-site and off-site – in Asia. Browse through our onboarding and induction experiences below or reach out to us for a tailored approach.

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