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Diana Wu David

Diana is an accomplished business leader, storyteller and strategist. With her progressive strategies, Diana guides organisations to reset their mindset and to adopt a more agile attitude.

Founder of two transformational organisations, Sarana Capital and Sarana Labs, and author of an Amazon best-seller Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration, Diana is a uniquely qualified thought leader. Via her coaching, writing, consulting and speaking, she helps executives reinvent business and prepare for the future of work, leading to success in a fast-changing world. Diana equips entrepreneurs, CEOs and board directors with proactive methodologies to enhance their leadership agility, influence, productivity, collaboration and resilience in the face of constant change.

Diana's speaking topics are:

  • The Evolution of Governance

Resource constraints, economic interconnectedness, the rise of stakeholders, data and AI and demographics are all mega trends affecting the way boards and CEOs govern. What are the future headwinds that you need to know, how do you prioritise them and how do you take these beyond board level strategy?

  • The Potential of Humans in an AI Powered World

In an age of AI, what role does human compassion, empathy and teamwork play? Diana shares stories of ways that people are trying to harness AI and emerging technologies to augment human potential and the potential pitfalls of AI to weaponize human behaviour and amplify our worst flaws.

  • The Antifragile Organisation

Nasim Taleb calls people and companies who grow stronger from disruption “antifragile”. How do some companies spot and take advantage of trends on the horizon while others pedal furiously just to keep up? Diana shares stories about the companies who are taking advantage of the worlds’ biggest trends to harness the passion of their people and outwit and outperform their competitors.

Diana lets her audience discover her visionary framework for corporate innovation. She has a unique way of inspiring her audience to re-imagine work and the expectations of the next generations. Diana is a qualified thought leader who coaches business professionals on change management and encourages them to find meaning and innovation.

Engage Diana to help you to future-proof your organisation. Based in Hong Kong, Diana can keynote speak across the world.

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