Susanna Hasenoehrl Keynote

Susanna Hasenoehrl

Multinational companies are facing more and more pressure to become more climate-friendly. But does it genuinely make business sense or just add cost? In her keynote, Susanna Hasenoehrl addresses the key risks and opportunities of sustainable, climate-friendly business.

Besides being a professional keynote speaker, Susanna is Director of Asia at Yara International, a global crop nutrition company. In her current role, she enables sustainable nutrition and improves smallholder farmers' livelihoods. Susanna's passion for nutrition and her technology background have led her to develop innovative solutions, taking sustainability to a whole other level. She improves farmers' livelihoods and the foods we eat in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner.

Using the latest data, Susanna sheds a unique light on the risks and opportunities of climate change for multinational companies. She, for instance, discusses the stock market response to sustainability disclosures, the impact of climate activities on employee engagement and talent acquisition - plus other leadership opportunities. Susanna's evidence-based approach and data-rich overview equips international leaders with vital, climate-related business insights for informed decisions and actions. She gives practical examples, busts myths and calls her audience to action.

Her key topics are:

  • Is there an immediate pay off for sustainable investment?
  • What are the biggest climate change related risks and opportunities for multinational businesses?
  • What do front runners and laggards do?
  • How to get started?

Based in Singapore, Susanna is available to speak across the globe.

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